Featured Question
What do I need to open a casino account?
You just have to go trough our Open Account page and complete the information requested. Once there, be sure to read our Rules. During the online sign up process, you will be asked to select an Account Name and Password. Be sure to write them down and keep them safe. ALL INFORMATION IS CASE SENSITIVE SO “AceUp1234” is not the same as “ACEup1234.

Account Name Problems
My Account Name/Password doesn’t work.
Help! My Account Name/Password is stolen or lost.
Account Balance Problems
Did the computer lose my chips?
Help! My chips are gone!

Credit Card Issues
Is it safe to use my credit card?
What credit cards can I use?
What is ezEcash?
How much can I buy?
Why is my credit card being declined?
I want a refund.
Are there any recurring charges?

Open Account And Chips
What do I need to open a casino account?
How do I get more cash into my casino account?
Can I play for free?
How do I close my casino account?

System Concerns
Why does the system lock up on me?
Why does the system keep kicking me out?
Why do I get a lot of error messages?
How do I best configure my browser?
Can I use WebTV, AOL, PC, or MAC?
What browsers can I or should I use?
Why don’t all the graphics load in?
Why is the System/Internet slow today?

System Requirements And Security
What’s the best screen setting and how to set up?
How do I clear my browser’s cache?

The Go Java Advantage
JAVA versus HTML
Verify Java Enabling On

What are casino rules and regulations?
What are the games and odds?
Is our casino legal and licensed?
Is it legal for me to play?
Is our casino fair?

How do I request my winnings?
How are winnings paid?
How long does it take to get paid?
My winnings haven’t come yet, how come?